Hydrocarbon Fire training

BIO T is a synthetic and fluorine-free foam concentrate (F3) formulated for live fire training on class A and class B fires or foam system calibration.

BIO T is a conventional firefighting foam concentrate replicate. It simulates the appearance, proportioning and foaming characteristics. BIO T generates light foam blanket allowing fuel re-ignition for repeating training exercises.

BIO T training foam concentrate is ideal to learn how to handle operational foam concentrates, test foam equipment and improve emergency fire team training.

Moreover, BIO T is an economical and environmental-friendly training foam solution. The training foam concentrate is biodegradable and free of fluorine derivatives.

BIO T offers good foaming properties for training exercises.

Extinguishing properties and foam stability of BIO T foam concentrate have been deliberately reduced. The foam blanket collapses more quickly allowing quick restart for training exercises.

Firefighters can improve their foam application and fire extinguishing techniques by perfecting how to apply foam blanket during quality live fire training. It gives the opportunity to train with a single foam training system and make successive tests in the same fire pan. Once the training session is over, the BIO T foam is easy to clean due to its rapid settling.

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